Yao’s Minutes to Be Cut

In an effort to prolong the career of 7-6 big man Yao Ming, the Houston Rockets have decided to cut Yaos minutes to a mandatory 24 minutes per game. They decided that this would allow Yao to play for at least the duration of the season and gives the Houston Rockets the ability to compete in the Western Conference. I have a few concerns with this plan by the Rockets, the first is what would happen if they make it to the NBA Playoffs. Do they sit him one game and have him play another full game, I think they can ill afford to sit Yao Ming especially in the playoffs and another concern would be, what if Yao hurts his foot again? What happens next, do they try to wait for him to come back from injury or do they sign another big man. Only time will tell but I have a suggestion for them, which is to go out and sign a big man as a temporary solution so Yao can play himself back into NBA shape and also to have a possible future player once Yaos career is over which, sadly is coming soon because his feet are pretty much done and there’s only so many surgeries to do. So plan for the future while still try to get the most of Yao.


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2 Responses to Yao’s Minutes to Be Cut

  1. eurybe08 says:

    In a way this is still good news for the Rockets. It’s better than loosing their big man. A note to Yao though, he should be extra careful and shouldn’t force himself.

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