Andre Johnson v. Cortland Finnegan

The Houston Texans shut out the Tennessee Titans on Sunday 20-0 but the biggest highlight of this game came when Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson and Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan got into a fist fight, which is something rare in the NFL, but Finnegan was getting worked by Andre Johnson to the tune of 9 catches and 1 touchdown, it all finally came to head with Finnegan getting up in Andre Johnson face with a quick jam coverage technique.  Johnson though got the best of the fight landing right hook to the side of Finnegans face. You can find this clip on YouTube and watch for yourselves.

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Quinn Thomas Talks Donovan McNabb

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Cameron Newton For Heisman

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Yao’s Minutes to Be Cut

In an effort to prolong the career of 7-6 big man Yao Ming, the Houston Rockets have decided to cut Yaos minutes to a mandatory 24 minutes per game. They decided that this would allow Yao to play for at least the duration of the season and gives the Houston Rockets the ability to compete in the Western Conference. I have a few concerns with this plan by the Rockets, the first is what would happen if they make it to the NBA Playoffs. Do they sit him one game and have him play another full game, I think they can ill afford to sit Yao Ming especially in the playoffs and another concern would be, what if Yao hurts his foot again? What happens next, do they try to wait for him to come back from injury or do they sign another big man. Only time will tell but I have a suggestion for them, which is to go out and sign a big man as a temporary solution so Yao can play himself back into NBA shape and also to have a possible future player once Yaos career is over which, sadly is coming soon because his feet are pretty much done and there’s only so many surgeries to do. So plan for the future while still try to get the most of Yao.

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Brandon Jennings vs USA Basketball

Brandon Jennings of the Milwaukee Bucks was recently in the news because he says that he wasn’t chosen for USA Basketball because he is not sponsored by Nike. Now while Nike does contribute to the funding of USA basketball I find it hard to believe that Jerry Colangelo would let a company not pick someone because of their shoe. But lets look at the facts, Brandon Jennings is a very good young talent for the  Milwaukee Bucks he is not better than Chauncey Billups, Stephen Curry, Eric Gordon or Russell Westbrook who by the way was very stellar in international play. This is just an example of what happens when a quote gets carried to far. So I’m going to take A quote from USA basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo and say “Maturity comes later in life. No harm, no foul.” which is how I feel about it, Brandon will learn and be better off.

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Bad Luck for Boise

Boise State football was dealt a big blow last Saturday when Virginia Tech lost to FCS opponent James Madison 21-16. This creates a huge buzz in the BCS because Boise state currently ranked number three in the polls was banking on their season opening against Virginia Tech as their key victory paving their way to a possible berth in the BCS title game. Now that Virginia Tech has gone down what happens to Boise State? Well two things, they would have to win in convincing fashion the rest of the season should be easy considering the conference they play in which, still probably wont be enough and the other thing would be to hope Alabama or Ohio States loses which by default would bump Boise State to one or two in the rankings. So as of right now, Boise is stuck in between a rock and a hard place.

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Georgia Star Gets Four Games

Georgia Bulldogs wide receiver AJ Green was finally handed a punishment for his dealings with an “Agent”. The punishment was 4 games. Two things I saw wrong with this is how Marcel Dareus took 2000 dollars from an agent and get two games while Green sells his jersey for a thousand dollars to a man who identified himself as a jersey collector. Another thing I saw wrong with this is how the NCAA found out, its kind of reminiscent to what happened with Dez Bryant and his situation. This is a classic example of how the powers that be in the NCAA react when they are not able to make a profit off of one of their players. When they don’t, they look into what you do and when you sell your game worn jersey to a collector for a thousand bucks there’s an issue. I;m not saying that Green should have sold the jersey, I’m only saying theres bigger things the NCAA needs to worry bout like fixing the BCS, all of this conference moving around instead to jeopardizing one young mans professional future.

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